This month’s theme: Dungeon

Over on the Reddit iosgaming subreddit, one of the most frequent RPG subgenre requests is for Dungeons and Rogue-likes.

So for December, let’s take a look at some Dungeon RPGs.

I’ve most recently been playing Cardinal Quest, which has impressed me with its IAP system. You can pay for new classes and perks, or you can work for them. And it’s not really grindy because the game is so replayable.

Other Dungeon RPGs I’ve particularly enjoyed include:

  • Tower of Fortune III – something of a slot-mechanic hybrid, but very original and fun
  • Soda Dungeon – you hire adventurers and send them in to fight for you
  • The Enchanted Cave 2 – lets you hang on to legendary loot if you leave the dungeon, which is nice
  • Mazes of Karradash 2 – this has beautifully designed mazes and you re-level up quickly each time you die and return, making death a bit less painful

If there are any great ones I haven’t got listed on the site, please do let me know about them.

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