Soda Dungeon

Soda Dungeon is a hugely addictive dungeon raiding RPG where you hire adventurers in a tavern and send them to fight for you in the nearby dungeon. They’ll find better and better gear which you can use to equip the next teams and fight harder foes.

Part of the mechanic of Soda Dungeon is that eventually you need to keep entering a new dimension, starting over with your gear, to fight harder enemies. After your first ascension you’ll start collecting essence, and this can be used to upgrade permanent items, so each ascension your adventurers are a little tougher: higher attack, more HP, higher criticals, or whatever you chose to invest your essence in.

There are also pets, but you’ll probably only want to focus on one pet (extra attack seems best) as they are super expensive, and get more powerful the more you use them, so you’ll want to stick to using the same one if possible.

Something Soda Dungeon gets exactly right is IAP. There is IAP, but you can also save up game money and buy the upgrades instead.

There is an Easter Egg character to find in the game (hit the forums and you’ll find out what) which carries an item so powerful that it essentially makes the game easy to beat. Save for a couple of dungeon bosses that need a strategy to kill them. But as a general gameplay hint: aim for criticals. Have thieves at near 100% critical and it’s much easier.

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