Cardinal Quest 2

Cardinal Quest 2 is a neat little roguelike with nice retro graphics. A roguelike obviously means permadeath, but there’s a “Morale” inheritance system, perks and achievements to unlock, so it’s quite content rich.

Loot has been simplified. There’s no carrying it around. You find a new item, and you’re given the option to equip it (the game shows you which stats will go up or down) or liquidate it.

It’s freemium, and IAP is pretty reasonable. You can pay for more Morale, and/or pay to unlock other classes. You start with the Fighter, but there’s also Thief, Wizard, Ranger, Pugilist, Paladin and Alchemist to unlock. You can also grind your way to unlock them all for free.

Cardinal Quest 2 got some good feedback in the forums, and there are some helpful play tips in there too.


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