The Enchanted Cave 2

iPhone Screenshot 5The Enchanted Cave is a dungeon dive into 100 randomly-generated floors of treasure, monsters and minibosses. There are over 300 unique items and you can also enchant equipment to improve it.

As well as the main story progress there are several characters in the town to offer side quests, keeping it interesting. You can also choose which level you re-enter the cave at. If you die, you go back to your level when you last entered the cave system (you can exit approximately every ten levels, but when you do, you lose all your loot that isn’t Legendary/enchanted). There’s also a museum where hardcore hoarders can stash enchanted gear they no longer need.

The graphics are retro but really clear and bright, ad there are a few fun features like secret areas hidden in the walls. All in all great gameplay, and a must-buy for retro Roguelike fans. Hugely addictive.

Genre: Dungeon crawler
Platform: iOS
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