Adventure To Fate – Lost Island

Another game in the marvellous retro Adventure To Fate series (see also A Quest to the Core and A Quest to the Future), this latest RPG features 12 Classes, 10 Races, 6 Crafting Professions to customise your hero, with hundreds of Pets, Monsters, and Items.

The basic story is landing on a strange island and having to find three different crystals. The first – in pirate-based area – is easy, then you move to a much larger, earth/nature area, then to a very hard fire area. But the game is quite forgiving, plenty of heals drop or can be purchased, level progression is quite quick (this isn’t a grindy game at all) and you can buy and craft a wide range of weapons, gear and jewellery.

Some of the classes need to be unlocked, in quite interesting and unusual ways. There’s also a special chest that allows you to swap gear between characters. Potions etc don’t stack so you will need to keep an eye on inventory. I found that playing a Rogue I had zero need for SP potions, so just sold them off.

The game is also fully accessible for the vision impaired using Voice Over.

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