Adventure To Fate : Quest To The Future JRPG

A sequel to A Quest to the Core, this is another super cute retro dungeon RPG where you descend levels to face the ultimate evil. This time there are 8 Classes (Mercenary, Assassin, Cultist, Mutant, Priestess, Ranger, Time Guardian, Arcane Archer) and 6 Professions (Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Leatherworker, Tailor, Jeweler, Alchemist) as well as over 20 Pets to accompany you in battle.

The sequel has also introduced crafting, and there are 30+ materials to work with and craft 200+ items. You can also share Items between characters using the Account Vault. It’s again great fun, with enough old material for familiarity, and enough new material for freshness. The pets in particular add another dimension, and they all level with you regardless of whether you’re using a particular one or not.

Our biggest fears have come to fruition, the defenses of the dimensional ports have failed. An evil force has laid to waste our guards and now pours through the portals without resistance.

We’ve brought you here as our last chance at stopping this evil. You’re one of the select few that have used the portals before, to come here for a better life, but in our darkest hour we turn to you one last time, to go back and triumph where we failed.

With our guards and roads destroyed, getting back to the portals will not be easy, as this invasion has crippled our ability to send forces en masse to clear a path. You’ll be forced down, through the sewers that run underground to the ruins, into the crypt where the portal to the future lies. You must make haste we don’t have much time!


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