Yorozuya RPG

Very similar to Tenmilli RPG, this is a retro JRPG that’s a lot of fun to play. It’s the “adventure of a boy aiming for a legendary merchant” – you can buy and run shops – but to be honest I never got my head around that feature and still finished the game just fine.

You gather quite a lot of party members of different classes, though only four are active in combat at any time. The others can still be used to heal outside combat so you can preserve your combat characters’ MP while dungeoneering.

Let’s find recipes on bookshelves, etc. and create various items.

Let’s gather items that are falling in the field or dropped by monsters.

Let’s running your own shop and accept requests of purchase.

In addition, Let’s save the world.

The game is free with very minimal ad support that doesn’t detract from the gameplay.¬†Unfortunately like Tenmilli RPG, the main quest finishes bizarrely early, with possibly up to 50% (or more?) of the game’s content unplayed.

As mentioned I never figured out how to run a shop but never needed any extra money, at least on Normal. Nor did I end up buying all the different party members, such as the Ranger or Sage, who seemed to only appear after completing the main quest. Unlike Tenmilli you have to be Level 99 to change class, and by the main quest completion none of mine had even reached Level 50.

Either way, it’s great fun, free and like Tenmilli I’d highly recommend it.

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