Tenmilli RPG

Tenmilli RPG is a brilliant retro-style JRPG which reminded me of the early Dragon Quest games. It has also been compared to Dragon Warrior. You travel the world, fighting enemies and finding and buying armour, and also changing job classes. You collect up to ten different party members of which five can be active fighters at any one time.

There are several times when you may be stuck where to go next/where to revisit, but fortunately there’s a very good guide here, including maps. The main game isn’t super long, but then there is masses of post-game content which is more challenging and interesting than the main game. It’s really like the second half of the game, not a “post-game” experience, with loads of new areas, jobs, equipment etc. It’s also incredibly challenging even on Easy mode.

For the main game, Easy is super easy but still enjoyable. Apparently the difficulty gap between Easy and Normal is pretty wide, but you can adjust the level in-game. The game is 100% free with no IAP, just a few, very rare 5-second ads on saving (and not on every save).

In a world on the brink of rule by monsters, imperial forces engage in mysterious research and activities in a bid to reclaim its former glory.

With high admiration for the empire, youth and races from the outlying region flock there to join its cause.

Will they be able to defeat the monsters??What is the empire’s true intentions??


Guide and walkthrough