MazeQuest 2

MazeQuest 2 is the sequel to the (no-longer-available) MazeQuest – An Adventure RPG a marvellous, retro-style game with very maze-like lands. MazeQuest 2 is built on an entirely new engine and is estimated to have at least 10-15 hours of gameplay, but more if you carry out the sidequests. The devs have mentioned that MazeQuest 3 is also in development.

The King has been kidnapped, and the land of Reynard is under siege! Gather a party, and travel your way through dangerous lands in a quest to re-seal an ancient evil! MazeQuest 2 is a mashup tribute to the great console RPGs of the 90’s, with infinite replay, fun storylines and sidequests, fantastic beasts, dragons, trolls, and more!

Features include:

  • hex grid-based combat
  • customisable characters
  • 17 recruitable characters
  • 50 learnable skills
  • hundreds of randomly generated items

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