MazeQuest – An Adventure RPG

iPhone Screenshot 3MazeQuest is a marvellous, retro-style game where you explore and loot your way through five different lands. Most lands are quite maze-like, but one of the best features are teleport points where you get taken back to the nearest village. The village teleport then returns you to the last one you used. The graphics are lovely and slick and clear.

It doesn’t hugely matter what class you start with as you can develop their skills as you like, and you can also swap team members in and out (if you part with them, you can pick them up again at any inn).

Each land has different kinds of shop, some of which you’ll have to fight your way to, if you want the next weapon or armour upgrade. Definitely explore every area as you might find something cool. And do every sidequest you can, because several of them unlock new part members, some of whom are quite powerful.

Two drawbacks: you can’t go back, ie return to an earlier land. The game is strictly linear in this regard. This isn’t too much of an issue for most of the game, except one level has a huge section you can only reach if you leave the previous level from a specific exit. This felt like a bit of a waste, as there’s no warning, and if you don’t pick that exit, you never get a chance to visit all the next land.

I wasn’t able to complete this game because the final fight was unbalanced, but I still hugely enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

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