Moonlighter is half shop-management game, and half dungeon-diving to collect wares for your shop. It has been described as ticking many of the same boxes as Stardew Valley, so fans of that game may enjoy it. There’s also an overarching story which unravels as you play the game.

During a long-passed archaeological excavation, a set of Gates were discovered. People quickly realised that these ancient passages lead to different realms and dimensions – providing brave and reckless adventurers with treasures beyond measure. Rynoka, a small commercial village, was founded near the excavation site providing refuge and a place for adventurers to sell their hard-earned riches.

Features include:

  • Shopkeeping: putting items for sale, setting prices, recruiting assistants and upgrading your shop
  • Fighting: battle enemies and bosses with real-time, tactical combat
  • Villager interaction: get to know other villagers, help establish new businesses and watch them grow
  • Craft and enchant: interact with villagers to craft new armor and weapons, and enchant existing equipment
  • Get rare loot: access strange worlds through otherworldly gates and collect valuable items from exotic civilisations: resources, weapons, armours and peculiar artifacts.
  • Companions: nine familiars can aid you, with different mechanics such as damaging enemies, getting items for you, and restoring your life

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