Soda Dungeon 2

The highly anticipated sequel to Soda Dungeon has arrived, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s the same format: you do up a tavern and hire adventurers to go and dungeoneer for you and bring back resources. Each soda type that you purchase unlocks a new kind of character. Some are more useful than others, depending what your current goal is.

The game has 10 “dimensions” – you lose everything except character levels when you enter each new one, then finally Warrior Dimension (WD) which is just continuous. There’s a boss every ten levels and a harder boss every hundred, and some incarnation of the Dark Lord at 100x [your current dimension]. So in the fourth dimension [4D] the Big Boss is at Level 400, and so on.

WD just gets harder and harder but you find Legendary grade items, and resources to upgrade them and craft other Legendary items. Then you can gather Essence and use it to upgrade Relics, which increase your team’s power, HP, MP etc.

You can buy bottle caps or earn masses of money to buy upgrades. The remove-ads one is probably worth it, but to be honest you’ll end up earning so many millions that you’ll quickly be able to buy all the pets with your regular gold. The one feature you might want to get early, as earning $500 million does take some time, is the one that lets you choose which sodas you stock, as otherwise you have to keep refreshing the pub to get the characters you want.

Ultimately most players power through the 10 dimensions and assorted miniquests pretty quickly, and then it’s really about setting your own goals if you want to keep playing. Such as levelling the [secret character] to Level 50 – at Level 50 all character types get a special Class Relic.

The devs are actively working on fixing and rebalancing so may hopefully add more content in future. There’s an arena which is a bit underused and could be expanded.


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