June 2020: 3 RPGs I’m looking forward to

There’s a host of great-looking RPGs that devs are busy working away on. Here are some of the ones I’m most excited about:

Soda Dungeon 2

The first Soda Dungeon was a really quirky and addictive game, and the sequel looks to be equally as great. Once again you’ll be sending heroes down the dungeon to fight for you so you can build up your tavern. New additions include customising party AI, crafting equipment, unlocking new buildings and earning loot while you’re not playing the game. There’s also a cross-platform save system.  Due 9 July 2020


Spiritus is an open-world RPG where you “wander around an endless ever-changing world helping people”. It looks as though you will be able to do loads of different things, from seeing “how the world develops” to defending cities and discovering wild animals. You can also learn magic, develop skills and level up your staff to kill monsters. Due TBC/”a long way off”.


This is a new RPG set in the world of Exiled Kingdoms, one of the biggest traditional RPGs developed for iOS. Exiled Kingdoms is isometric, but Archaelund appears to be 3D with isometric combat grids. Unfortunately it’s so far only going to be available for PC via Steam, but hopefully they’ll port it to other platforms – the dev says a “mobile release is possible”. It’s not a sequel to Exiled Kingdoms but a fully standalone game – “far bigger, more complex and ambitious”. Due (for PC) Autumn 2020