Amethlion is a wonderful game, a retro-style indie RPG where you can “explore, craft and survive”. The story is about unravelling the mysteries of a lost race, but there are dozens of side quests (“over 100 unique quests”) as well as the main storyline.

Movement may feel sluggish at first – but don’t despair!  A couple of early quests will win you items that speed you up to an almost too-fast walking (or rather sprinting) pace. Portal travel is also very welcome to zip between the different areas.

Healing is automatic, which is nice, so you can hide and rest. But you will need to keep an  eye on  your hunger bar. Food is easy to find/hunt and quite cheap, so it’s not too much of an issue.

Although the graphics are pixel-retro, there are some beautiful effects, such as an early quest where you have to light fireworks. Later on you get an Ability that lets you set off your own firework whenever you like.

Other features include pets, player housing, and 300 different items to craft. For some quests that ask you to craft stuff (eg glass vials, cooked chicken) you can also just buy items ready-made in stores. Weapons do decay, so it’s probably an idea to learn a bit of crafting so you can make stuff better than you can find.

The breadth of features make this an ambitious project, and as of writing this the dev is still actively seeking feedback, fixing issues, fine-tuning and adding content.


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