This month’s theme: Match-3

Match-3 can be a great battle mechanic for RPGs. They can also be challenging, as you race to make matches while your character relies upon you to fight the monsters ahead of them.

Great examples of this hybrid style game include:

  • You Must Build a Boat – a super fun, fast-paced hybrid puzzle action RPG where you upgrade a boat as you progress, and capture monsters that enhance your overall stars
  • 10000000 – a Bejewelled-style dungeon-crawler hybrid
  • Hero Emblems – a Match3 RPG with JRPG features, including a large game map
  • Dungeon Raid – a puzzle strategy RPG with lots of gear to buy and upgrade

My favourite “pure” Match-3 (not an RPG/hybrid) is Two Dots. If you haven’t yet played this incredible game, you’re in for a treat. There’s new content every week, and it can be played 100% free.