Hero Emblems

Hero Emblems is a Match3 RPG with JRPG features. It’s a hugely long game with a satisfyingly large game map. The mechanic feels really RPG like, not match-3 like: you really are using the board to make vital moves. You can’t just play around randomly matching jewels and noticing enemies dying, it’s much more strategic than that. You’ll also want to hoard specials (created by a Match-5, for example).

You’ll probably want to use forums to find certain skills and items, as some of the more hidden ones are somewhat vital for winning the game. Specifically you’ll want to locate the “Super Secret Shop” to save yourself frustration (the Revive skill is a must have).

You’ll get hours of play out of this game: it’s slick, fun and pretty well-balances. The graphics are lovely, colourful and bright. A sequel is on the way, which is great news.

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