Galaxy of Pen & Paper

iPhone Screenshot 1A follow up to the hugely popular and innovative Knights of Pen & Paper, Galaxy of Pen & Paper is a turn-based, space-themed meta RPG about a group of players rolling dice in the year 1999. It works much like a regular RPG, but there’s a parallel narrative going on in terms of the players sitting around the gaming table. You can also upgrade the gaming table with a couple of accessories, that then affect the game (like earning a tiny percentage more gold or exp).

In this instalment you’re off all over the galaxy, questing and doing missions. There are unlimited missions, ranging for scanning for materials (SO easy – you can pick the planet you’re on, and they’re auto-picked up) to fighting other spaceships and escorting people around. Plus the main storyline missions. I found that acquiring reputation was pretty easy – you soon max out – but money was much harder to obtain. I saved what I had, not really needing to buy many things, and was able to do all the weapon upgrades. I then had to grind a bit for the armour upgrades (which I’m not sure I really needed). There’s spaceship combat as well as ground combat, plus a kind of scanning/minerals thing.

Classes and skills are all highly original, though I did feel a bit constrained with only being able to equip four skills at a time. After getting the ones I wanted, pretty much from the start, I never bought any more of them. I’m not sure if I missed getting a map: I bought some paper and several people seemed to be talking about maps, but no one ever offered to make or sell me some. So I recommend making your own map or notes of which solar system leads where, and what offers there are on the various planets.

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