Avadon 2: The Corruption

iPad Screenshot 1Spiderweb Software’s Avadon 2: The Corruption is a sequel to its amazing game Avadon: The Black Fortress. Like all Spiderweb games, it’s a huge and detailed classic RPG with zillions of items, quests, spells and skills. There are also moral choices to make and factions to side with.

Boss battles are quite challenging and strategic, but if you’ve done plenty of sidequesting you should be levelled enough with great equipment. Magic equipment is one of my favourite features in a Spiderweb game, and in fact one gets spoilt for choice between things like a Flaming Sword or Poisoned Sword etc.

You can turn the difficulty down at any time, and then turn it back up again. Lovers of Spiderweb Software’s earlier games – the Exile/Avernum series and the Geneforge series – should enjoy Avadon, as will new gamers. I actually play Spiderweb games on Mac, but I have tried them on iPad and the experience is surprisingly flawless. A lot of effort goes into the porting for mobile platform.

To be honest my main complaint with Spiderweb Software is that they don’t release a game per month. Perhaps one day if human cloning is enabled and we run a Kickstarter campaign to fund the duplication of Jeff Vogel, this will become a reality. Until then, the annually-released games are more than worth the wait.

Disclaimer: I was a beta tester for this game

Genre: Classic
Platform: iPad
Character: main character plus four party members, in total three active at any time
Story: unique and detailed story of a land in constant struggle and civil unrest
Gear: weapons, armour, scarabs
Sidequests: dozens
Treasure: chests, quest rewards
Features: secret areas, moral choices
Grinding: none
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