A brilliant pixel retro RPG adventure game that’s full of hidden secrets, quirky characters and surreal dystopian mystery. It’s quite forgiving, with loads of respawning heal chests all over the place, and if you die there are no penalties. As the devs describe it:

Afterplace is a huge open world, full of hidden secrets, treasures, and creatures. You never know what the forest might be hiding, and not all trails are paved. Labyrinths and dungeons are tucked away in the most concealed nooks. There are no waypoints in Afterplace. You’ll have to forge your own path.

There’s no levelling as such, but as you progress you level up your sword and get better armour, which is effectively the same thing. The game has been 100% designed for mobile and seems to have very low battery usage.

It can be quite tricky, I only realised I had been going round in a circle for ages, missing half the world, after looking at a guide (I was still having fun going round in my circle). There are some maps available online. This game slightly reminded me of Systems Twilight in its surreality.

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