Sometimes a brilliant game comes along and delivers both nostalgia and excellent fun. Septourian is such a game: it’s also surprisingly rich despite its simple graphics and the generated world. You roll a player character (I found it much easier going for STR/warrior) and   set off on your quest.

This involves a lot of exploration and finding up to three team-mates, along with the usual eq and consumables. The main aim is to find new towns, each of which will have a warp/save point, and a tower to the north of it. At the top of these towers is a boss and a black key. You’ll eventually find a dungeon where you need seven black keys to unlock access to the Megaboss.

Magic is pretty cheap so you can get away with just one “Jack-of-all-trades” character. As the game progresses you’ll pick up relics and some of these are incredibly useful.

Level progression is also lovely and fast. Often a basic battle will give you thousands of bonus exp which can translate into several levels at once. You can also hoard this exp and wait until you’ve found a new team member (they always start at Level 1) so you can accelerate their progress. I stored up so much that I took one team member from Level 1 to Level 89 in one hit.

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