The Quest – Curse of Linmore

The Quest – Curse of Linmore is an expansion to The Quest, recommended for Level 80 players. It can also be played standalone.

You are summoned by the Tiarnaigh of Linmore to lift the curse that ravages their land. Many suffer from the Failing Sickness, brought on by an unusually wet and cold summer. Loch Linmore is swollen to twice its size. Some monks at Bidewell Abbey in the north suffer collective possession and are confined, raving, to their cells. The path to Bidewell is filled with mist. Village children have disappeared. Some, like his Court Astrologer, blame the Abbess of Bidewell Abbey. They claim she is a witch. Some say it’s the devilish Olc Mhor’s work. You have come with great recommendations and are tasked to remove the curse so his people can be free.

Genre: Classic RPG
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iOS
Character: name, gender, portrait, class, skills, spells
Story: in depth, original story, including moral choices and two distinct endings
Gear: weapons, wands, ammo, full armour, rings, amulets
Sidequests: 73
Treasure: loads of loot in objects and monster drops
Features: fun card minigame in taverns
Grinding: none
Links: App Store
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