Minute Quest

Minute Quest is an enormously fun little retro RPG. You travel through the land killing monsters and earning coins and exp, and buying new weapons or armour when you come across a shop. You also capture the different monsters you see, and equipping them as your pet results in different skills.

As well as the outdoor world you eventually get access to a tunnel which lets you skip to every third outdoor level (ladders let you emerge whenever you like). In the outdoor world you also come across dungeons that have bosses in, and there are also bosses every ten or so screens in the regular outdoor world. Once you’ve defeated the outdoor ones you won’t see them again.

Eventually you get access to a Training dungeon: useful for quicker exp but you won’t earn any coin. Sometimes a Treasure dungeon appears as well when you return to base. Plus you can click the King to earn coins, but at one coin per click it takes forever. After he’s given you enough coins for that sessions he starts flinging mud/turds but they don’t seem to have any negative effect.

You auto-heal, albeit slowly, so you can gradually chip away at a boss (they don’t heal!) and kill them bit by bit. There are some consumables but they appear pretty randomly and rarely. After levelling up to over Level 900 I had still only ever found three Full Heals.

The game bills itself as a “one-finger, time-killing RPG” but if you find the Zombie, it automatically moves you along with its “Deathmarch” skill so it’s like having autoplay.

Another pretty useful pet is Pooslime – its “Stinky” skill results in far fewer enemies.

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