Saga RPG: First Blade

Saga RPG is an ultra retro RPG that’s still a very playable and well-rounded game. It’s fully free with occasional 5-second ads when you save the game.

The game does require a bit of grinding to get better weapons and armour. What adds to the challenge is that towns with healing facilities are often quite far from towns selling equipment. I often found I had to heal up when ready to buy the next weapons/armour and make a quick dash to the equipment sellers by trying to flee each battle along the way. Then make the (slightly easier, with better eq) return journey to the healing place for another spell of grinding.

The world is in chaos under the rule of the Dragon King. You will embark on a quest to rid the lands of this evil monster. On your journey, you will meet helpful friends, encounter many dangerous foes, and equip yourself as you prepare for the most epic battle of all time. The people welcome you as their hero. May your sword stay ever sharp.

A deliberately “lightweight” download, Saga RPG was apparently designed to see if there was still interest in this kind of game. Apparently there is as there’s a sequel as well, Saga RPG II: Evolution.


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