Troll Patrol

Troll Patrol is a very slick match-3 RPG. It has been compared to Dungeon Raid and will definitely be enjoyed by those who like tile/jewel-match RPGs.

Play as the last defender of the threatened troll den where vicious village people and heroes from far away castles and kingdoms knock down your door.

It does get quite tricky and you have to think strategically, and also plan for when the bosses come (by having loads of chainable swords ready).

Features include:

  • 6 unlockable weapon types
  • 7 unlockable playable classes
  • Endless waves of enemies
  • Over 50 active and passive skills and powerups
  • Over 40 event cards with multiple choices and outcomes
  • Over 15 quests to choose from
  • Improve your cave for permanent bonuses
  • Leaderboard and Achievements

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