Tower of Fortune 4

Tower of Fortune 4 is Game Stew’s latest instalment in its slot-mechanic RPG series. Unlike the earlier three you’re travelling across the world, not just climbing a tower. You play as a hero who is about to retire and must escort a mysterious little girl to the holy mountain.

For each section you have various challenges, minor ones such as “no re-roll” or “no damage” and a major one which involves some sort of quest. In the Mushroom Village you need to rescue three elf children, and you must make sure to visit each parent, click on the child in their thought bubble, and then revisit the village elder to complete it. Others are easier, such as simply clicking on a tree to climb it. A successful quest also gives you a nice snapshot-photo of that scene.

The slots have various symbols:

  • sword – melĂ©e attack
  • girl – small heal, protective reflect damage bubble
  • skull – attack by enemy
  • shield – defence (invulnerable for a couple of rounds)

There are also gold/gems slots that you roll at the end of each battle. There’s also a secret area to unlock.

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