Sourcelight is an interesting RPG that’s slightly gamebook-style but also has real-time combat and a host of minigames, and uses swipe gestures to move between rooms. The main quest is quite linear: no one has anything to say to you until you’re supposed to visit them as part of the questline. So although it’s open world, there’s not a lot to do in the world. The only things to buy are torches and food, which heals a bit.

Combat is through an interesting real-time swipe system: you wait for a prompt to swipe in a certain direction, eg up to Thrust or down to Block, and quickly make the gesture.

You don’t earn exp to level, but you do earn gold from battles and the job board, which you can use to increase your attack and health points. A couple of these are tricky to figure out initially: for example in the Cookery game you need to put the ladle back in the cauldron before you can click on the bowl to complete the meal. The combat game in the Arena Barracks is by far the quickest way to earn money as it’s 60 gold a time and you can do it as often as you like.



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