Phrased Out

An RPG-trivia quiz hybrid, this quirky little game uses a hangman-style game for its battle dynamic, which promises “a mystery that unfolds as you play”.

You get to choose the quiz category: they include topics such as “Internet Culture”, “Geography” and “Comic Book Trivia”. You can of course cheat by switching to a browser and googling the answer.

BeepBoop and The Child need your help! Take on thousands of Trivia questions and unlock the mystery of their dying planet in this trivia, hangman RPG

Part trivia, part RPG, Phrased Out is a mixed-genre, trivia quest experience for those who love trivia challenges, RPG-style leveling, and story games.

As you win battles you earn Chips – getting more for a “perfect” game (no letter-guessing errors) or for speed. This latter does depend on how long the answer is, it doesn’t seem to allow extra time for longer words. I typed “Leonardo da Vinci” at the same pace I typed “Sweden”, for example, but only won the speed bonus on Sweden. In the Workshop, you then use Chips to upgrade BeepBoop’s different abilities – which apparently is critical if you want to win the game.

It’s currently free with ads to double your wins from battles and so on, or to open a daily Cache Box. You can also disable ads with IAP: but not permanently (although the website FAQ says you can remove them permanently). The current options are disabling for a day, a week or a month.

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