Dungeon Village 2

A sequel to Kairosoft’s 2012 RPG-Sim hybrid, Dungeon Village, this sequel is essentially more of the same. You build a village, which attracts adventurers whom you can send out to fight quests for you. They earn money and items, they buy stuff from your shops and entertainment facilities, you can equip them with better weapons and armour, and you can also gift them presents that raise their stats, depending on what their job class “likes”.

As they level up you assign them different jobs. If you have a Monster Tamer, they will occasionally capture a monster that you assign to an adventurer, and after a while they’ll be able to “ride” it into battle. This is particularly cool with flying animals like the Pegasus horses.

Plus there’s a cauldron where you can create recipes, and town events to hold, as your popularity grows and you eventually build enough stuff to gain another star.

With Dungeon Village 2 you eventually progress to a new land, where you essentially start over. They have different themes: Forest, Tropical, Ice, Eastern, Magic (which is essentially about food for some reason!) You get to keep all your inventory, which means that by selling a few items from the previous land, you’ll have ample money to get started. Plus any adventurers you previously levelled will eventually arrive with their equipment and levels intact, and all the shops that levelled up also keep their higher levels.

Some players haven’t liked this feature, feeling that they’re just playing the same game again multiple times. Of course if you love the game, that’s arguably an advantage. And you do need to swap between lands to unlock certain things in earlier lands. However, it’s true that Kairosoft could have tried to differentiate a bit more: each land has the exact same requirements for levelling up to each star rating. This would have been easy to vary between lands.

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