Untold RPG

Untold RPG is a text-based dark fantasy adventure with real-time combat, a full inventory system, and skills to level up. It’s an in-depth “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style story with several different quests, but it never gets overly texty. It definitely feels like a game, not a book. The overall mood is quite dark and strange, making for a very atmospheric and immersive game.

One feature of the game is that the outcome of battles and searches, especially regarding loot, can be highly varied. Fortunately you can save and reload whenever you like, and most guides recommend doing this frequently to get certain items. See here and here.

You need to choose wisely as your choices matter to the outcome of the game. You play as an undefined character, without any knowledge of gender or looks, and build up experience and gather equipment throughout the game.

The devs estimate eight hours of play, though this is likely to be longer if you reload saves for better loot. There are many secrets to discover and multiple endings, and the game has been designed to also be accessible to blind and low-vision players.

You wake up on a beach – shipwrecked, confused and traumatized. Follow the footprints and you will find a fellow survivor in the wilderness. She is a nomad, who seems to have endured the same traumatic experiences. Together, you embark on a quest for answers and retribution. As you venture through the world to discover the truth in this interactive fiction, you’ll gather equipment and forge your character.

The lands of Tem Khiris are drenched in blood. You must figure out a way to survive in this world of warring states and rival tribes. Proceed with caution, for death lurks around every corner. Poor decisions will soon send you on a one-way trip to the Underworld.


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