Swarm of Destiny: Fantasy Idle

Swarm of Destiny is a fun “fantasy idle” RPG, or a “semi casual Incremental Idle RPG” as its devs describe it, where you mine crystals and train up witches who are gradually able to kill monsters. This in turn unlocks better mines and crystals. You have to balance what’s most efficient: building up mines, or building up your fighting witches.

There’s currently no IAP, and the only ads are optional ones when you come back from a break, to double the crystals your miners have harvested in your absence. There’s also a “chest gamble” after killing a monster: you can accept a basic level of gems, take a 40% risk to increase them (or halve them) or take an even higher risk to get even more, but conversely end up with even less.

Combat is simple: the witches auto attack, and you can press the special skills button (the first is a Critical hit, the second is a Heal spell) each time they charge up. Monsters get harder each time you defeat them.

An Aeon ago, evil Minions of a Mystical Creature came to harvest the Fantasy World of fabulous Creatures called “The Swarm”. It’s good that you’re here: You’re the Sole Ruler that the Swarm Creatures need right now! The Time has come to rebuild the Ruins of the destroyed Fantasy World, let the Swarm return from Exile and ultimately change their Destiny.

When you’ve completed one world, you can enter new ones. The devs are actively working on the game and say there are “more Fantasy Worlds coming soon”.

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