Archlion Saga

Archlion Saga is a deliberately short, “pocket-size” JRPG that only takes a few hours to play. As a result it’s extremely linear and in some ways rather more like an interactive story than a game. The devs estimate gameplay of 2-4 hours.

You play as the Archlion King hero who has to defeat the Serpent who is branding and killing everyone in the world.

No more walkthroughs! Only a comfortable adventure! By following the guide that shows the way, you won’t get stuck or lost anymore! Level up and get new weapons and skills easily. It’s all for the sake to taste the delight to finish the game at the peak of your excitement! The game itself will support your adventure warmly and enjoyably.

The game has a “star points” system where you earn stars by watching ads and finding them, or you can IAP a “star charger” which instantly gives you 30 stars. I did this for the convenience, otherwise the game is 100% free. Stars are used to open some chests and doors, and also to double your money and exp in battle. You probably do need the exp to level up enough to get all the skills you need, but you don’t really need any money. You find eq better than anything in the couple of shops you encounter. I also never bought or used any consumables.


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