Labyrinth Legen‪d‬

Labyrinth Legen‪d‬ is described as a “Dungeon Quest Action RPG”. It features retro graphics and randomly-generated dungeons and loot chests. Each dungeon level is only around 6-10 rooms, and after ever five levels there’s a boss fight or a new set of five rooms. Graphically it’s lovely, with “pixel-art” design.

This game is really all about loot, and finding golden/five-star items that make blitzing through dungeons a breeze.  Focus on expanding your backpack first so you can bring back as much as possible. You can also lock valuable items so you don’t accidentally sell them. I don’t think it’s worth upgrading weapons, at least early on. Each upgrade uses a lot of iron ore, and only adds one point of power, not extra weapon enhancements (or it didn’t seem to).

The boss battles are interesting, partly because it’s so easy to redo them and practice getting better at them. You can instantly reaccess any of them from the village once you’ve reached them, even if you didn’t beat the boss. You start with full potions every time, you get one chance to revive, which also restores one potion.

Money will pour in later in the game so don’t stress about it early on. The cost of things such as the weapon skills will soon seem negligible – you can easily pick them all up eventually if you want.

There aren’t any sidequests except for the main quest. There are pets you can get from an island though I’m not sure how much difference they make. I managed to win the game before ever finding any gold ore, for what it’s worth. So I never needed to upgrade my amulets to the level that required gold.

I recommend paying to remove ads as while they’re not overly intrusive, it’s far more enjoyable not to have to keep waiting 30 seconds all the time. Plus it supports the devs.


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