Quest Hunter

Quest Hunter is a marvellous RPG, full of puzzles with quite a few quests as well as a great main story. There are lots of “secrets” – often chests to dig up – but you needn’t obsess about finding all of them. The randomly generated ones in the random battles as you travel between areas never contain anything important.

It’s feature-rich, with a co-op playing mode, quests and puzzles, a range of really useful spells and abilities. The only restriction is that you can only hotkey three spells at a time, which is a bit of shame as it means you probably won’t bother using most of them. The Lightning and Freeze spells in particular are quite critical.

Most puzzles involve putting cubes onto platforms or orbs into orb-holders to open doors. There are a couple of lever puzzles but nothing overly demanding. Monsters respawn if you re-enter areas, but don’t respawn while you’re inside the same area – except in a couple of places where you need to knock down pillars to spot a spawn-point.

So you can grind as much as you like, though you won’t really need to, but when you need to figure out puzzles, you won’t be constantly interrupted by re-spawns. It really does feel like a game made with the gaming experience in mind: I played on the easiest level which was challenging in a fun way, but never irritating or frustratingly hard.

The only slight disappointment is that there isn’t much equipment, and you can’t buy much except the basic stuff. You have to find the next level of weapon, hat and shield, and later on you often find ones inferior to the ones you already own. I would have liked to see a bit more eq in general, but what the game does provide you is sufficient to win, and you can upgrade it at the Blacksmith.

Quest Hunter is an isometric action-RPG where your choice drives the story. Find tons of treasures and secrets, solve puzzles, equip your character, level up your skills and finish off enemy bosses. Play on the couch, alone or with friends, or make it an online party for up to four players!

Just one caution: you may need to reboot your iPhone after installing it, and sometimes when reopening the app after using other apps.


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