Harvest Town – Pixel Sim RPG

Harvest Town is very obviously inspired by Stardew Valley and some players appear to prefer it. It’s very detailed and feature rich and has a lot of top ratings (40,000+ likes on its Facebook page alone). There is a range of IAP including a “diamonds” premium currency. Apparently you can earn diamonds in game, but given the game is free some players might want to show support to the developers by buying a couple of IAPs.

The game follows the same premise: you clear up a dilapidated, overgrown farm and start growing your own crops and interacting with villagers. The devs claim: “Harvest Town is not just a simulation game, we endowed more elements into the game, such as RPG, Puzzle, Interaction!”¬†As well as farming, mining and crafting, some of the features include:

  • Decorate your own cottage
  • Adopt “cute cats and dogs”
  • Mysterious cave adventure, treasure box and various Easter eggs
  • Multiplayer online racing and market trading

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