Farm Dungeons

Farm Dungeons is a very slick little JPRG where you generate money by growing crops on your farm and explore increasingly challenging dungeon levels. In the dungeons you’ll find materials that you can craft (or rather a shopkeeper crafts for you) into higher and higher levels of weapon and armour.

The farming aspect is very simple: you have a maximum of nine plots to plant a seed in (and only three are unlocked to begin with) and you can add three levels of water for one, two or three resultant crops. (It’s not cost-effective to use Ultra Water until you’ve got Bean Seeds or higher). The animal husbandry is also simple: a chicken gives you one or two eggs, and occasionally a gold egg (save these) and a sheep gives you one or two wools and occasionally a golden fleece (save ALL of these – you can buy them later but you’ll need quite a few for the top armour, and they’re very expensive).

Movement is tap-to-move based and two-finger-tap is used to bring up the menu and also go backwards in the menu.

Combat is party-based and you’ll gradually pick up better people as you go through, and can swap them in and out. Even if they’re not actively in the four-person fighting team, they still gain experience and level up after a battle. They’re also always there so you can use them to heal up the active members after a fight.

If you make an effort to get each level of weaponry and armour, which isn’t too hard but will require repeating some of the dungeons if you need the “boss drop” a few times, the game is not too difficult. The final boss battles were a breeze by the time I had maxed out. I didn’t bother with any skill books except for “The secret of Adventurer” which gives each party member two moves.

Two odd things: confusingly the hero is called Leon, but later on you pick up a female character who is also called Leon. I wasn’t sure of the point of this, if it was supposed to be a joke or simply an oversight? The only weidness is aspect ratio, as you can see from the iPhone screenshot above (I cropped off the black edges) it’s more 4:3 than widescreen.


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