Survival RPG: Lost treasure 2d

Survival RPG: The lost treasure is a free 2d survival exploration retro RPG game that combines adventure, escape, fantasy in a 2D pixel art universe. The game includes dungeon exploration, foraging and crafting, and fighting monsters – some reviewers have compared it to Stardew Valley and Minecraft. There is also a sequel: Survival RPG 2:Temple ruins 2d.

On your way to find the lost treasure, you got into a storm, ran aground a deserted lost island, escaped your ship and became stranded. You must survive, craft items, find the lost treasure, escape the lost island and find a way back home in this addictive free retro RPG game.

Features include:

  • Exploration of multiple islands
  • More than 70 items to discover
  • 40 crafting recipes to unlock
  • Hidden items
  • Puzzles to solve

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