Castle of White Night

Castle of White Night is another retro-pixel graphic RPG from Game Stew (devs of the amazing Tower of Fortune series). This latest game isn’t a hybrid but a true dungeon-crawler. Maps are pre-designed. There are four playable characters but it costs (in game gold or IAP) to unlock the final three. As with other Game Stew games all the IAP is optional and you’ll probably grind enough gold just mapping out the dungeons.

This is a challenging game – and the hardest thing is light/food/water management. Your starting character can carry a maximum of 30 of each item but they get consumed quite quickly. If you run out of food you get double the cooldown on combat actions (which isn’t actually too bad – you can still win most battles fairly easily). If you run out of water you start losing health, and will eventually die unless you heal.

If you run out of light it’s incredibly hard to find your way back unless you have an offline map. Fortunately Game Stew has provided a map of Level 1 on their Facebook page – screenshot here – and this is a map I’ve made of Level 2 and here is one of Level 3 and one of Level 4. The maps aren’t very forgiving in terms of having shops in convenient reach to buy more resources, and it’s random whether monsters will drop what you need. So this game is really about planning explorations from a save-point as your hub. You also have to keep a close eye on the big ghost spirit who chases you from time to time, but he’s relatively easy to get away from.

There are also treasures to collect that look as though they may be upgradeable later on.

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