Wasco is a lovely little RPG – it’s just a shame it’s not longer. It’s a deliberately ultra-retro style sci-fi themed JRPG, where you play as a robot that has to wander around and gather spare parts to repair itself.

One tip: using stat points to increase an HP or SP level also heals up those points, so it can be worth delaying upgrading until you’re running close to empty. You will also find tonnes of healing consumables as well, so it’s not a vital strategy.

Overall the game is pretty easy. I defeated the only boss-like character (an area I cleared first, even though it seems to be the third and final area you’re supposed to clear) with a single bomb.

Ultimately Wasco feels almost like a demo for a longer game or series, so hopefully the devs will bring out future games. It won’t take you much more than an hour, but it is a fun hour.


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