Pascal’s Wager

Pascal’s Wager is a dark fantasy 3D action RPG with incredibly high end graphics. It’s fully 3D and you play as different characters throughout, each with different weapon styles. The main character is a dual-wielding swordsman. There’s an in depth storyline with some side quests.

It has been compared to “Dark Souls on an iPhone” by many reviewers. If you haven’t played those games – and I haven’t – they feature some unique mechanics such as gaining “insanity” the more you kill, and having to drink Sanity Potions to restore yourself. When you kill, you collect bones which can be sold or crafted at altars (where you can also save, heal and level up) into potions. When you heal, enemies respawn. Combat involves alternating between “heavy” and “light” attacks – there’s a button for each on screen.

Many reviewers recommend using a controller, but at least in the earliest stage, the onscreen controls on an iPhone 11 Pro seem very responsive (I took a tip from one player and turned the camera sensitivity to max). Boss fights are apparently extremely difficult without a controller. Pascal’s Wager is regarded as a challenging game, with a lot of dying.

In ancient times, a natural disaster brought the Sun from high in the Sky to the depths of the Ocean, allowing a mysterious dark fog to blanket the World. Simultaneously, Colossi, beings that were revered by descendants, roamed the lands for the very first time.

These Colossi, which emit the sparks of light that disperse the black fog, bring the only hope to mankind. Thousands of years later, humanity has long grown accustomed to following in the footsteps of these revered beings as they travel through the black fog. However, just as how the Sun was mysteriously brought down from the Sky, these Colossi have also began to fall mysteriously…

Terrence, a courier whom was expelled by the Church, has learned that his long estranged wife Teresa, may have some connection to the recent fall of the Colossi. Setting forth on a journey filled with anguish, deception and possible redemption, Terrence seeks to find his wife and the truth behind their World.


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