Moonshades is a stunning indie dungeon crawler RPG that’s made by someone who’s a clear fan of the genre. It has everything you could want, with loads of loot and upgradable items, with riddles and puzzles and great storytelling and quests.

Interestingly, although it has a very classic look, Moonshades is an action RPG (like Legend of Grimrock) with real-time combat. You start by creating two characters and you’re quickly into the game, wandering around with tutorial hints on the walls. There is IAP but it’s completely optional and also reasonably priced: you can buy gems to add more storage slots, for example. The game is totally playable without purchasing IAP, but you may want to support the devs by doing so, as the game is a free download. The dev has also been very active in the TouchArcade forums with feedback and bug-fixing.

The conquer’s tale leads you beneath the ruined towns – toward grim, eerie dungeons and nesting monsters in the ghostly light. Some descendants of Harten still resist with all their might, enshrining the secrets of the ancestors’ magic. Join the mission to bring the liberty and the radiant, lost wisdom back for these rich and mystic lands! The Crown’s glory and treasures are buried, many kingdoms of darkness has invaded the realm, but the hope for changing the threads of the history has not been forlorn in the deepness of the dungeons. Finally, the reward for your efforts will be fabulous!

Some of the features, to give a better idea:

  • Thousands of upgradable items (weapons, armours, accessories) and miraculous artifacts to make them stronger
  • Quests, riddles and puzzles and traps, with lots of hints to find from NPCs and elsewhere
  • Magic Forge to make powerful potions, craft epic, legendary or even relic items, and enchant your gear
  • Arcane Dungeon labyrinth to find special treasures and dice-roll to open special chests

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