TAP! DIG! MY MUSEUM! is a great fun, unusual little RPG Sim where you unearth dinosaur bones and develop a museum. You level up your spade, as well as the amount of money the museum earns, and the amount of turns you get to dig. Digging gets harder with later dinosaurs, as there are multiple layers of soil to dig through.

The game is already great as it is, but it’s so good that you find yourself wanting more! It’s most like a (good) Kairosoft game or Stardew Valley, but in a much smaller and simpler way.

There’s clear potential here for more: you can imagine so many more features and discoverables that the dev could add. Such as monsters in the excavation pit, treasures, more tools, rares and a host more features and upgrades for the museum. The game also suggests there will be future updates.


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