Merchant RPG

Merchant RPG is a fun little game which is all about crafting and equipping various heroes who farm more materials for you. You also need to generate gold by selling spare equipment and materials. It’s a very simple interface, with deliberately retro graphics.

Crafting also levels up your crafters to be able to make higher-level gear. Once they reach Level 40, you can upgrade them so they produce “ascendant” gear – super high powered versions of basic gear.¬†Your heroes can also be Prestiged from Level 40, which sets them back to Level 1, but allows them to gain more stats as they level up a second time.

Merchant RPG is free, but if you want to play seriously, you’ll need to unlock the full game because it will soon get impractical without enough inventory slots.

The game also has regular special bosses to fight, who drop unique crafting materials, and it’s still being actively updated.


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