Beastie Bay

Beastie Bay is a brilliant Kairosoft monster catching RPG and town sim, where you gradually explore different islands and capture territory and monsters, while designing and growing your resort and making trading partners. The more gold your resort generates, the more you can fund expeditions. Other features include:

  • schools to train monsters
  • collecting resources
  • trading monsters
  • treasure chests
  • the unlockable Mystery Ship

Combat is turn based, with up to three allies in your team. The game is quite complex, in terms of all the different baits you’ll need and the different elements of the various monsters. The unofficial wiki is helpful here.

As with many (all?!) Kairosoft games, there are unlockable ultra powerful characters such as Sally Prin, and you’ll probably want a walkthrough or hint guide to get hold of them. You can also buy a permit to make Boss monsters capturable.


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