Bowing out of Boss Battles

The thrill of the journey is always more exciting than the destination – and nowhere is this truer than in an RPG.

The problem with many RPGs is that you spend hours levelling your character, grinding, finding, earning and crafting great eq – then you face a nightmare boss battle where you feel weaker than Level 1.

I feel no need to fight you, Grandmaster Nizmo…

Some players may love the challenge and enjoy unlocking features like God Mode. But I find it a bore. I’ve already played 99% of the game and I rarely – if ever – want to play a game twice. There’s no fun getting any extra eq or prizes once you’ve won, because where are you going to use it (assuming you don’t wish to “reincarnate”).

I don’t enjoy having to resort to various game guides and forum posts to find the exact strategy to kill a boss after playing simple hack’n’slash for the entirely of the game up the end battle. I don’t want to suddenly have to figure out magic or or potions or trick tactics if up to now I’ve been a melée fighter (my usual choice). I also don’t want to have to make five, ten or twenty attempts – and yes, I’ve tried this many and more in the past.

Realising I can simply stop a game at 99% has been a revelation. I waste less time and I have far more fun, and I get to play more games.

Anyone else take a pass on Boss fights?