Pixelot is a brilliant little game, and hopefully the first of many more RPGs by this talented indie dev. It’s enormous fun and very slick, and I loved the fact that you start at full health every battle, with mana not seemingly a concern (or unlimited). So no having to bother with endless resting and healing.

That said you may need healing potions for trickier battles, and there’s a limit as to how many you can carry.┬áThere’s also tonnes of custom eq to be found as loot and many different characters to swap in and out of your party.

Pixelot is a classic RPG that combines the best parts of classic role-playing games. In Pixelot you create a custom hero and gather allies to defend against the darkness that has swept over the land of Pixelot. The game features numerous recruitable characters, playable classes, items, monsters, and dungeons alike. Promising an engaging story line, humorous dialogue, and a classic yet simple design, Pixelot is a game that is easy to pick up and hard to put down.


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