Hell Raider – Wheel of Fate

Hell Raider – Wheel of Fate is a marvellous game from the Tower of Fortune devs. This time the mechanic is a wheel-of-fortune type device where you have to stop it to find treasure, camp, enter a fight, trigger a trap or have a random event.
For a fight the wheel comes up again, with different options: you can land on a hit or a power hit, or the enemy’s hit or power hit. If you win, you spin the wheel once more to determine how much cash you’ll get.

You travel to eight different areas, paying in-game gold (you’ll eventually earn plenty) to unlock the harder ones.

You also start collecting 40 different gods, and you can pick three of them to help you fight. You level them up by offering them the things they like.

It’s great fun, but make sure you get the hang of the wheel early on. You need to learn your own reaction rate, so at the regular pace of the wheel you know how quickly you need to hit the icon. Eg I would typically try to have to hit the icon three before the treasure chest, and then I’d hit the treasure chest.


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