The Quest: Caerworn Castle

Caerworn Castle is the latest HD expansion for The Quest. Set in Wales in 1600, it contains 75 quests.

Caerworn Castle is haunted by ghosts and demons and in desperate need of repair. Its occupants are victims of a feud between two brothers, prolonged by Lord Alderley who wishes to extend his power. Are you frightened of ghosts and the evils of the night? Dare you enter this ravaged land to save the castle? It will take all your skills to change the balance of power. Great evils await you and a friend. The ghost of Lord John Sheets, the father of the dueling brothers, waits in Caerworn Castle for you to give him rest. 

As with all The Quest expansions, you can either load it from the main game, or play it standalone. If you start with a Level 1 party, you’ll be given assistance to level it up. Otherwise it’s recommended that you reach at least level 55-60 before trying the expansion.

Genre: Classic RPG
Platform: iPhone
Character: name, gender, portrait, class, skills, spells
Story: in depth, original story, including moral choices and two distinct endings
Gear: weapons, wands, ammo, full armour, rings, amulets
Sidequests: 75
Treasure: loads of loot in objects and monster drops
Features: fun card minigame in taverns
Grinding: none
Links: App Store
Official forum
Catacomber forum