Hags Castle

No longer available in the App Store

Hags Castle is a great fun 3D castle exploration game, set in the age of Scottish myth and legend, where you have to navigate a maze-like castle, finding levers and fighting (or escaping) guards to rescue a baby dragon and get out.

You will explore dark dungeons, foosty wine cellars, opulent gardens and lofty towers, as you attempt a daring rescue and find a way to escape from the clutches of the evil harridan, Madam Hag.

You find the dragon pretty early, and it helps you fight and open some doors. Each level is not too long which is great, so if you do have to restart a level, you’re never redoing too much stuff over again. Sometimes it’s helpful to die, because then you restart the level (with no penalties) with full HP. MP doesn’t replenish for some reason, you need to find a potion or a crystal ball, but there are plenty as the game continues.

It can also be useful to scope out a level and work out which chests will heal HP, which restore MP, and which harm HP/MP. Then you can redo the level, and exit with both bars as full as possible.

This is a very simple game but very slick, each level is perfectly planned. Hopefully the devs will use the game engine to build future games


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