Good Knight Story

Good Knight Story is a slick jewel-match RPG where you “solve puzzles, battle monsters and survive bad jokes as you piece together events from the night before”. It’s free, with a neat little optional ad-supported feature where after winning a battle, you can double your gold by watching an add.

Every so often you come to a tavern, and if you choose the right dialogue options, you’ll get a reward (a weapon). You can apparently repeat these if you fail the first time. Weapons can be upgraded (about four times each), found, and bought. You unlock more choices as you level up. It can be a bit tricky  at higher levels assessing what’s worth levelling up, as you don’t know how much +stat you’ll get in total.

The graphics are really bright and attractive, and there’s a hugely satisfying feeling in making a long chain. You can do this by moving diagonally  as  well as up and down.

I took the tactic of only levelling up Attack, which got quite a bit trickier on the higher levels, but I got as far as 123/125 and could probably continue if I ground some more gold to buy shield boosts.

My tips:

  • don’t buy every weapon, just use the ones you find until they’re not effective any more
  • always take the option to double your gold, or it will get grindy
  • don’t use any power-ups until higher levels, or until an absurdly hard level

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