Cross Fingers

This is part of a collection of non-RPGs that I personally love and am posting on here.

Cross Fingers is a tangram-style puzzle where you slide skeuomorphic wooden shapes around to fit them into the required shape/holes. Some of the levels get very tricky as you need to use multiple fingers to “hold” piece while you slide something else in place. It ends up like Finger Twister.

I originally played this on an older iPhone (before the plus-sized screens) so I don’t know if it’s harder or easier on a larger screen or iPad. It is enormous fun and beautifully made. I recall having to look at cheat guides on a couple of levels, but I managed to get through all of them. Each level you complete unlocks stars, then you need enough stars to unlock future levels, or you have to IAP them. You will have just enough stars to unlock everything for free if you manage to complete every level (but not if you skip one).

Cross Fingersr is a beautifully made game and the the physics felt exactly right on my (previous) iPhone. You can play entirely at your own pace, and the levels vary from very easy to very challenging.


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